Mamta is one of the finest artists I have ever seen. Her art is reflection of her soul that can be experienced in her every work. She truly have the special blessings of Maa Saraswati. The strength of her work is diversity, she has not confined herself to any single art form. Every time I see her art, I find myself mesmerised with her perfection.

The painting of my kids made by her is treasure for life. The result was beyond my expectation, I was overwhelmed. The work is magical; painting is so lively. The amount of hard work and dedication put reflects in the painting. I whole heartedly thank Mamta for this amazing work and wish her greater heights.

I strongly recommend  Mamta for commissioned works. Really looking forward to see many more masterpieces. Bless you dear.

Sumita Yadav

I have seen many pieces of Mamta’s work and often seen her working on the pieces. She is a very dedicated artist, one of a kind. She really add soul to her paintings. I wish are all the luck for the future.

Sneha Awasthi

Art is wonderful when an artist puts his heart out in performing that.This was what i heard since childhood…I realised it when I saw the paintings made by Mamta, so lively..She is very professional and hardworking..I loved all her creations..Wish Mamta all luck for future

Mohammed El Rasheed