Mamta Sharma

Thought Process

Thought process

Amalgamation of shades

Amalgamation of shades

Multiple base - Wall, iron, wood, cloth

Multiple base - wall, iron, wood, cloth

Aesthetic and Artistic

Aesthetic and artistic

Mamta was born in the “Blue City- JODHPUR”, her first encounter with the world of art was hereditary. As the third generation Artist of her family, she grew up in the fragrance of colours. She has been a competent student, both in academics and co-curricular activities at school level. She discovered a diverse scope in art when she happened to opt it in graduation, her inquisitiveness grew and she resolved to pursue post-graduation in Painting.

The artistic aspirations provided her a platform to reinvent the aesthetical concepts of realism and imagination. Her skilful fusion of rural and urban concepts, the union of traditional and modern techniques are evident in her distinct form of Art works.

“The unique rich cultural heritage and globally recognised eminent styles of Indian paintings are a source of inspiration to me.”

As a familiar base in this field, she is working to revive the diminishing art of “Gold Emboss Painting” which is found on the walls and ceilings of Forts /Palaces in different parts of India. Practicing this Art Form for more than twenty years now, she urges to learn more Artistic forms deepened in her heart. In addition, she loves to do intricate miniature paintings as well as oil and acrylic on canvas. Painting on wood, iron, cloth and designing the walls with traditional Indian figures of folklores are equally engrossing for her.

“The milieu of skilful, aesthetic and artistic harmonious picturesque ingenuity was all around me since my adolescence. My creativity was brimming as I came closer to the realities of life both joyful acerbic.


My fascination for the chiaroscuro tic effect of the shades of brown can be witnessed in my work of Art. Thus, I paint, what I perceive from the people around me, their emotions and sensitivities or their perseverance to lead a blissful life even with the scarcity of resources or the endless smiles of the deserts in the hope of a drop of rain or the rich colours of the Rajasthani drapes and the Golden Historical pasts of forts and palaces.”

She set out for her artistic journey in 2008 with a group exhibition “Srijan” at Mehrangarh Fort after earning a Master’s degree in painting in 2007.

She received a “State Award” for “Gold Emboss Painting” in 2004-05 by the Government of Rajasthan.

She was honoured and appreciated by the dignitaries on various occasions and art exhibitions. As a Guest Faculty Lecturer in the University she was dedicated to motivate and direct students while maintaining high interest and achievement. She is currently exploring the rural life and capturing those rear expressions on to the canvas.